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The SkinCare Studio is owned and operated by...


Terri Grier 

Terri has a very extensive background in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. ​Terri started off in a hospital setting where she worked for years as a Nurse. She took her love of skin conditions and skincare to another level by becoming a Licensed Esthetician, Certified in Phlebotomy, Mircroneedling, and Derma-planing.


     She is equipped with over 10 years of experience. She has mastered the treatment and prevention of acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, anti-aging and so much more.


      The Skincare Studio is dedicated to customized facial and body treatments. From advanced facials and chemical peels to various acne and anti-aging treatments. Such as, LED light therapy, nano infusion therapy, high frequency therapy and MicroNeedling, Body contouring & Hair restoration..


Our Philosophy


" Everyone deserves a customized skincare regimen and treatment plan at an affordable price"

- Terri 

Here at the SkinCare Studio we strive to use the latest technology and most effective ingredients to provide results. We use medical grade equipment and skincare to achieve that goal.

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