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Spring Is Here - What to do with your Skin

Spring is a season of new beginnings, from warmer weather to blooming flowers. However, while we celebrate this transition, we must also consider the effects of changing weather on our skin. As we move into spring and summer months, it is important to protect our skin from potential rashes, breakouts, and sun damage. As a nurse aesthetician, I want to help my community understand why it is essential to care for the skin during this time. Here are three reasons why skincare is critical during spring and summer:

Weather changes can cause skin problems: As the temperature rises, our skin has to adapt to the increased heat and humidity. Frequent temperature changes and exposure to sunlight can also trigger atopic dermatitis or eczema rashes. These skin rashes are often characterized by redness, dryness, itching, and flaking. It is important to protect our skin during spring and summer with the use of an SPF and gentle skincare regimen.

Sun damage is a real threat: Spring and summer bring sunny days, but it is essential to remember that the sun can be harmful to our skin. UV rays can cause sunburn, premature aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer. When you step outside, even on cloudy days, it is essential to apply an SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin from the harmful impact of too much sun exposure.

Hydration is essential: With the arrival of warmer temperatures and humidity, our skin becomes more prone to dryness (dehydration) and other forms of damage such as acne. To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type, especially if the skin is prone to breakouts. Cleansing your face in the morning and evening can remove any excess oil and keep the skin hydrated.

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your skincare routine and ensure that your skin stays healthy and protected. Invest in a high-quality SPF product and develop a gentle skincare routine that suits your skin type. Keep yourself hydrated and remember, prevention is better than curing; hence, don't wait until any signs of problems appear before you take proper skin care measures. Take care of your skin, enjoy the warm weather, and revel in everything that spring has to offer!

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