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6 Winter Skin Care Tips You Need to Know - Terri

Well-hydrated skin equals happy, healthy skin during the cold winter months. However, with less humidity in the air, the skin is less apt to receive moisture naturally

  • Use Sunscreen Everyday

The sun doesn’t take a day off, and you are no less susceptible to sun damage in the winter than in the summer. “Sunscreen is important year-round,”

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  • Wash Smartly

A common winter skin care mistake is washing with a harsh cleanser when a sulfate-free one is a better choice. “The goal of cleansers is to remove soiling without stripping the skin of oils that are essential for barrier function,”

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  • Switch to a Thicker Moisturizer

Winter is the perfect time to ramp up your moisturizer game. “It’s important to choose thicker formulations that contain ingredients that support the skin barrier and hydrate the skin,”

There’s also no such thing as over-moisturizing in the winter. Pack a small tube of your favorite winter moisturizer in your bag and re-apply it as needed throughout the day. The first application, in the morning, is when you’ll want to apply a generous amount and lightly pat it into the skin—preferably when damp—until fully absorbed. As touchups are needed, use a concealer or foundation brush and gently press it into the skin over makeup.

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  • Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

The colder the weather, the more likely the skin is to hold onto dead skin cells. Although the skin naturally exfoliates every 28 days, it needs more help in the winter. “It is important to exfoliate during the winter, but you may want to cut back on the number of times per week so that the skin is not over-exfoliated, which can lead to dryness,”

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  • Add a Hydrating Mask

Just like how moisturizer adds much-needed hydration to the skin, so does a good hydrating mask. Masks work a little faster and also flood the skin with hydrating ingredients for a noticeable difference. Some can even blur wrinkles and fine lines, especially if they include hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

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  • Layer on a Face Oil

Face oils add a protective layer against the winter’s damaging elements, which can wreak havoc on the skin. “They offer light hydration, natural emollient benefits, and deliver high levels of fatty acids and antioxidants to the skin,”

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