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Facial Oils - Your Go - To Guide

Hey Skincare Lovers,

I know, I know! It is very hard to navigate the endless world of skincare. But, today I wanted to talk to you about facial oils. With the change in weather, I want to make sure you know what oils work best for your skin.

Dry Skin? - The best oil for you is Marula Oil. It is perfect for reducing red, irritated skin. But, most of all it is extremely hydrating. Its not heavy or greasy! Which is a major concern for most of us. This oil has fatty acids, so dryness will not be a concern.

PRO TIP: For dry skin using a moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid and then finishing with Marula oil with seal all the moisture you need.

Normal Skin? - The best oil for you is Marula oil, Squalane oil, Jajoba oil. Nothing too heavy. You can take 3-4 drops and mix it in with your moisturizer before application.

Acne-Prone Skin? - Most people with acne think the best thing to do is dry out their skin. The best thing to do is the complete opposite, moisturize your skin. There is most definitely an oil for you. In fact, there are oils that will help diminish the over production of oil glands. Use Lighter oils like Jajoba oil, Squalane Oil, and Tea Tree oil. These oils in particular kill acne bacteria and help remove dead skin.

Oily Skin? Best Oils for you are Jajoba oil, Squalane Oil, Tea Tree oil, and Marula oil are light in texture and would be ideal for you. Some others oils that are non-comedogenic and beneficial are Argan oil, Buckthorn, Kukui and Rosehip oil.

Combo Skin? Marula oil is fantastic! The anti-bacterial properties are so beneficial and it quickly penetrates the skin.

Here are my GO-TO FAVS!! And Guess what - I sell them here on the website!!!

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