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We Accept - Flexible Spending Accounts ( FSA, HSA)

Did you know that flexible spending accounts (FSA) reset every year and many people have to use it or lose it? Many of our products and services may be covered by your FSA.
Coverage examples include treatments for common dermatology issues and conditions as well as some cosmetic treatments for medical needs such as chemical peels & facial treatments for acne. Ways you can use your FSA with The Skincare Studio
  • Pay for some laser hair removal visits

  • Acne treatments and some in-office procedures

  • Visits for common skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, rashes and rosacea

  • Sunscreen purchases and some acne OTC products in our offices

Take advantage of your FSA this year. It is important to check your specific plan and FSA for coverage allowances. You can also learn more about eligible FSA expenses by contacting your insurance carrier.

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